About the Show

The Old School Variety Show was developed in the Spring of 2007.  The shows creator, Michael Scott, realized that some of his best memories involved simply gathering friends for an evening, drinking wine and sharing stories and talents.  He began to wonder.  Could that intimate, organic form of entertainment be achieved publicly? He enlisted the talents of musicians Mike Caucutt and Nancy Stoll along with popular local actress Nikki Andrews and The Old School Variety Show was born.

Local news Garrison style

Michael Scott doing his Garrison Keillor impression.

The experiment first commenced at The Grand Hotel Ballroom in historic downtown La Crosse.  The results were a resounding success.  The show harkens back to a time when people created their own entertainment.  At one time there were no movie theaters, no radio and no television.  Entertainment was always live.  On a Saturday night, your family and friends would gather in the parlor and someone would play the piano, someone else would recite poetry, your cousin would play the banjo and your uncle would do magic tricks. This show recreates that experience.  It’s fun, it’s live . . . it’s old school.

Every show is brand new and never rehearsed. Each and every show takes on it’s own natural rhythm dictated by the invited performers. The show is as fresh to the entertainers on stage as it is the audience.

The Old School Variety Show; a delightful mix of music, theater, comedy and storytelling.

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